Masonic Library & Museum Association

MLMA E-mail Group

MLMA maintains an email group, some people call this a listserv, listserve, or listserver, but all these terms are inaccurate - it is an email group, or a yahoo-group, where the members of MLMA can communicate quickly and easily with each other.

MLMA members can ask questions and receive many responses in a very short time. For example, some MLMA members have posted messages asking if anyone has a copy of a particular book, or a particular page from a particular book. Within minutes responses were received, including offers to do an inter-library loan and to copy or scan a page from a book and email, fax, or mail a copy of that page to the MLMA member requesting it.

Any MLMA member can join the MLMA email group, by sending an email request with your name, your MLMA membership type (regular, institutional, or affiliate), and your email address to the Secretary Cathy Giaimo at

The MLMA email group is NOT available to non-members of MLMA. You have to join MLMA to be a member of the MLMA email group and take advantage of its benefits.