Masonic Library & Museum Association

MLMA Mission Statement - Plan


“…to assist and support, through education, facilitation of communication, coordination of effort, those individuals charged with, or interested in, the collection, management, and preservation of Masonic heritage.”


Review of Goals (cf. 2005 Minutes):

 1. MLMA should seek and reach out: to Grand Lodges, other Masonic bodies, other substantial (without definition) Masonic collections (whether libraries, museums, and of all Masonries), and individuals. Dick Browning:  include other kinds of libraries – even without Masonica - to have them refer queries to us. MLMA as “staff” of specialists – resource people for (e.g.) historical societies, small Masonic libraries, public libraries…

 2. To promote professional standards of library and museum management (best practices, i.e. best procedures). Professional as attitude, not (academic) degree.

“We don’t want to lose what we don’t know we have” – Dick Browning

 3. Communication with members.

 4. Continuing education database of methods on website e.g. “handouts” from presentations. Resource contact list

 I. Assist-Support

 Operational plan to reach the above goals:

1a. See By Laws

  b. Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

 2. Establish method of archiving and dissemination of annual meeting and educational information relating to libraries or museums: use website.

 II. Education

1. Boyden-Bish library cataloguing scheme.

2. A museum cataloguing scheme – Mimsey?

3. Practical techniques from seminars or leads to them or Resource (“go-to”) people

III. Communication facilitation

 1. Website: Webmaster Dave Lettelier at “MLMAssn” will take the MLMA-relevant information from Paul Bessel’s, with his blessing, and have a complete membership list.  Dave will also manage the  Yahoo e-group.

2. Education subjects checklist

3. Encourage networking

4. Newsletter: Two per year: first one:  Minutes (and goals – 2005-06)  2nd one: 6 months before next meeting: with how to, topic, schedule of next meeting, suggestions, new members, etc.  Mail out hard copy first couple of times.  Encourage sharing.

 IV. Coordination of Effort

1. Union Catalogue: Standardized subject headings, etc. for libraries and museums  (cf. Larissa Watkins’ periodicals pilot program).

2. Website: Members only section.

 V. Preservation

 Preservation has two meanings for MLMA: a) a philosophy or purpose of rescuing and being repositories for material; b) the maintenance and management of materials, finding good homes…

1. Assure that all approved cataloguing systems are current and available and maintain electronic files of same

2. Include this Plan in the annual meeting agenda, and revise it as needed

 VI. Management of MLMA

 1. Support any elected or appointed officer in pursuit of his or her duties

2. Duties of the Meeting Host:

  • Reserve a block of 25 rooms and learn/follow the hotel rules for releasing rooms as number of attendees becomes clear
  • Arrange for meals (“local color” restaurants appreciated)
  • Arrange for transportation, including informing re airport shuttles. (Tip: sometimes the Shrine has a van they can spare.)
  • Arrange for (preferably) two educational presentations in-house (experts in a library or museum-related function, e.g. conservation) or as field trips to related institutions
  • Agenda to be e-mailed to all in advance.